Friday, June 16

I just have to post this. :)

I took this pic last time we were in Memphis. Regian and Keilen ( sp? sorry Felicia, I have no Idea how to spell your DD name. ) met up in 2004, when we were in Ronald Mc Donald house. Keilen is ALL patient and doing awsome. I am not sure when her treatments will end, but she is doing good and is cancer free now. :) Anyway, I was not expecting to see them there, but while standing on line and trying to sigh in, I heard someone calling our name. :) Keilen is sweetest girl ever. She has lots of energy and really funny sence of humor. lol She craked us up all the time. :) Behind Regina is. K sister Kennedy. :):):) I do miss chit chatting with Keilens mom Felicity. There is never dull moment when she is around ;) Posted by Picasa

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