Friday, May 18

Few proud moments :0)

FINALLY- my handsome boy learned to bike . TRAINING WHEELS ARE OFF and my Gabriel has crashed into every single front yard in our neighborhood. Soon neighbors will be knocking on my door and asking me to fix their landscapes :D lol He is such a dare devil. And makes me smile. His legs have "black"spots all over from falling, but he is so determined and does not mind getting hurt. I swear, he is something else. BUT, he will cry, when I refuse to give him ice cream or take away his fave toy because he missbehaved... hah

Today in our local YMCA was family fit night. REGINA decided to do something she never tried before - She did some rock wall climbing... WOHOOOO!!!!! We also learned few new dance moves from our Favorite Y director Brian.. he is quite a dancer. :)

ALSO. I would like to take to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of you whose birthday is in MAY. PALJU ONNE SYNNIPAEVAKS KOIKIDELE MAI SYNNIPAEVA LASTELE :)

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