Saturday, November 27

We have ANC!!!!

Nick is running St Jude Half Marathon on December 4th. All the money donated will go to St Jude . Every dollar counts. We want to thank you everybody who helped out with donations.
We have almost reched the goal set. :)
200!!!! Yes, her ANC was 200 this morning. Doctor told us that we can get out of St Jude tomorrow, but we still have to the sidekicks . ( meds)

Regina is doing really well. Yesterday she and Nick had serious conversation about babies and kittyes. lol
Regina told Nick that she wants to have baby sister Audry/Audri ( not sure which spelling she meant). And she wants to have kitty Ceisy/ Keisy/Caisy.
She can have her Kitty, but I am not so sure about baby sister. Somebody else can have it for her- not me. :lol

My mom back in Estonia is having really serious healt problems. She can not feel her legs- she has problems with central nerv system- I am really not really sure how to explane it for you, but I know it is serious. Doctors told her that soon her whole body maybe paralysed and that means bed rest rest of her life. I hope they can find some cure for her and her condition does not worsen.


Anonymous said...

Oh see on küll tore uudis et Regina ANC (mis iganes see ka poleks, saan ma aru et see on tähtis;-))on tõusnud. Vägev kuidas ta ikke võitleb.
ja kuule see baby sister polegi niii paha mõte, arutage seda, lapse soov on ju seaduseks ;-))

ja kurb kuulda et su emaga nii pahasti lood on...


Sleeping Beauty said...

ANC - on spetside valgeliblede arv. Kui see on nullis, siin inimesel immuunsysteem taielikult puudub ja ka koige vaiksem viirus, bakter voib hauda viia. Ja kui ANc hakkab tousma , siis on kohe aru saada et regina luuydi( bonemarrow) hakkab paranema- ja keha ta ilusasti omaks on votnud. :)