Saturday, November 6


It is 8.30 in the morning. SUn is shining but I guess wether is still little chilly outside.
I thought that we will go to childrens museum today but regina seems not very interested, so instead we are going to Wolfchase mall. It is a big mall with merry go round. And regina loves Merry go rounds :) Keilin and felicia ( reginas friend and her mom) will come with us. They have day off from hospital so we go and have some fun together. Keilin has ALL( leukemia) and she is here in memphis for 3 weeks , then she goes back to home and then they come back again and so on until her treatments are finished. SHe is cancer free now( no evidence of disease in her) but she still has to get chemo I think for more than a year.

I baked some cressents yesterday because regina requested them. She even ate them and today she requested them again. Lucky for her there were 2 of them left ( I wonder who ate them last night?? NOT ME ??? NEVER. lol)

OK. Update you later about how our day was. :)

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Kathy said...

Enjoy your weekend. Yesterday looked like a great day.

Another thing our kids love to do in Memphis is to play miniature golf at the Putting Edge (in Peabody Place), its indoors and is completely lit with black lights with loud music playing, every time we go there I keep thinking that this is what it must be like to take LSD.

The Children's Museum has this tower, kind of like a series of cubes stacked randomly that goes all the way to the ceiling, the kids can get in there and try to find their way out, its like a maze, that was our kids' favorite thing, but it's not a good place to go with low blood counts, too many kids too close together.

We saw The Incredibles last night. The kids absolutely loved it and so did the adults.

Enjoy your weekend. They feed the komodo dragons Sundays at 3 pm, the reptiles Saturdays at 11 am, can you tell that all my kids are boys?