Saturday, November 6

Reginas Favorites!!!

Favorite food-Ikea Meatballs, Carls Junior star shaped chicken.
Favorite candy- lollipops( square shaped)
  1. snack-cheetos
  2. toy-deddy bears
  3. disney princess- jasmine, Mulan
  4. connect the dots, coloring books, reading books, mathematics
  5. Games- candyland, cards
  6. Computer cames- blues clues, Dora the explorer, gameboy advance games
  7. Colors- RED, purple and Pink
  8. Car-Mercedes
  9. favorite hobby- scrapbooking, coloring
  10. Music-Hilary Duft, Britney spears, JOJO, ashley simpson
  11. Tv show- lilo and stich, sponge Bob and those funny singing vikings( she does not remember the name of the show)
  12. Tv Chanel-Cartoon network
  13. Book-All the fairy tale stories or anykind of books. Regina loves books
  14. Favorite store- book store, Kroger, Toysor us, Craft stores
  15. Shape-diamonds
  16. favorite clothes- my little pony and barbie clothes
  17. dessert-doughnuts
  18. Drink- milk and orange juice
  19. nail polish color-red, purple and pink
  20. day- day when she can go back to shool
  21. animal-cat
  22. favoirte thing to do in the hospital- crafts
  23. fave thing to do with mom- play with my mom and bake cookies
  24. what do I want to get for Christmas-princess castle, crafts, lot of stickers, dollhouse, Play kitchen that talks, kids dvd, princess pillow and blanket, panda bear , black and white bear with a bottle( I dont know what she is talking about), money- so I can by stuff ALL by myself,princess plates and cups, sponge bob stuff, trucks for my brother gabriel, and all the other things that are red pink and purple oh, and I need nailpolish - a lot of nailpolish so I can paint all my fingers different colors( that Is Regina talking). and I want fairy princesses

Regina cone wild. She just keeps telling me all her favorite things( thank you Carol). She is way to funny today. She just talks and talks, and talks and asks questions and makes sure I listen to her. I am not used to her taling that much at one time. It is to much for me to process at once. :)

Good night. I feel sleepy now. :)

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Anonymous said...

I had so much fun reading all of Regina's favorites. Tell her it made me laugh a lot. I printed it out so I can keep it with me, and I can check to see what she likes at all times!!

It was also great to hear that Regina is eating and talking a lot---and I loved seeing the photo of her playing Candyland with her friend. That was always one of my favorite games!!

Love to you both--and lots of pink, purple and red kisses and hugs to Regina!!
Carol :)