Monday, November 22

Rainy day in many ways

Yes, it is raining in here today.
And Regina is under the bad weather. Last night she fell asleep around 12 at night. Then she woke up every hour and when it was time to wake up around 9 am this morning , she was tired and whiny and did not want to wake up.

Today she had labs drawn and her counts dont look to good. her ANC was 200 her platelets 2700 - which means she is receiving platelets right now. And her hemoglobin is slowly going down also. She is not very active and all she wants to do is sleep. She tells me that she is cold( our heater was set max) . We where drippin' wet and she was chillin' cold. Warm blankets dont help much. She gets antibiotics for her little boo-boo that looks red and does not want to heal( on her arm).

It is 2 pm now. I stay to Target house until 3 , because I have to wait after Liberty Mutual guy who will check the damages on my car. Then I go back to hospital. Until then I send my best thought to St Jude and hope that Regina does not catch fever tonight.

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