Tuesday, November 9

Care Bears and SPONGE BOB!!!

Tonight in target house our Care Bear fans get to see Care Bear movie on big screan.
THEN SATURDAY!!!!!___------ Target house kids and parents get to go to movie to see SPONGE BOB- it is a private screaning. Movie comes out in 2 weeks, but target house kids get to see it first for free :) THank you Nicolodeon :) That was really nice thing of you to do for our kids :)

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Kathy said...

Are you going to get to see the Sponge Bob screening before she starts chemo? I hope so.

Steven was remembering last night and laughing about when we told Regina he'd had the exact same treatment as her and he'd had a central line and she said, "But I have two!"

So, I've got a photo for Regina:

http://stevenbell.blogspot.com/images/steven-hickman.jpgand you can tell her that we've got Steven's central line at home in a plastic bag (after we sterilized it) to prove it.

Enjoy your week.