Tuesday, November 16

I know who you are and I will hunt you down!!!

Today started just great. SOME stupid jerk or jerkinna decided that it is ok to bump somebody elses car. YES!! It happend in ST Jude parking lot. Security guy called me because they noticed something was wrong with my car. ( piece here and bump there and RED color attached to my beautiful silver bumper.

I am mad because person was jerk enough to just drive off. NICE and EDUCATED person will always leave a little note with his/her phone number on it. BUT OH no, this person was in such a hurry to get out of the parking lot , she /he probably forgot . HIT AND RUN!!!!

I hope you have nightmares !!!!!!!

On a good note. Regina continues doing well. :) Only thing is that she can not keep her magnesium down. And I told that to her nurses many many times. They told me they see what they can do. But so far nothing. When it is her turn to take magnesium again ther is another nurse and knows nothing about Reginas sturgle to keep Magnes. down. :)

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