Wednesday, November 10

Today ...

Today we decided to go to the hospital. Not because something was wrong with regina, but because we wanted to see how Chillis handed 2,5 million dollar check to St Jude. Yes, chillis raised 2,5 dollars nationwide. Original plan was to raise 2 millions but they exceeded that 2 millions. :) Thank you Chillies for caring. :D

Now I am stuck with horrible headace. I thought my head will explode. Nothing seemed to work. No tylenol, no water, no icepacks, not hot pag.. Pain is not that intense anymore but I have lot of pressure and numb pain close to neck and midhead. I never had that kind of headace before. I hope it is just because of stress. ..
Tomorrow regina gets labs drawn to make sure everything looks great and she is ready for her chemo :)

Good lab vibes please:D

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Anonymous said...

They are stress headaches. They will disappear AFTER Friday's MRI is over.

Good for Chilis!! We have tried to eat there several times, but they alwsys close too early. LOL.

I am sending lots and lots of good vibes......
Love, Carol :)