Sunday, November 21

About me

I woke up this morning with strong need to write something. But I really was not sure what . SO I finally decided that I tell you more about myself.

Hi!!! My name is Diana. In St Jude people often ask me where am I from. So I tell them I am from Ca. "Oh, I see, but you have accent???" Well, I am really from Estonia and I Was born to speak Estonian( not Russian, Estonia and Russia have love/hate relationship- dont ask more questions).

Oh, but where is Estonia?? , they ask.

I say you know where is Finland?? Do you know where is Latvia, Lituhania, Baltic sea?? Estonia is somewhere there.
"ok" , they say, and wonder away.

In year 1997 , 11 November I met my Husband Nick. I was 19 year old and had no plans getting married in near future. I was with my co-workers and we where having fun . The place where we had fun was middle of nowhere. lol Middle of open water. We met on a board of cruise ship Regina Baltica.( Yes our daughter is named after the ship). He was on his way back to Sweden and I was on my way to Sweden also but with work issues.

He asked me to dance, and we had fun . I asked his phone number. Called him after 2-3 days I think, ( did I really do that????).
Then In december he sent me ticets to visit him in sweden. I WENT TO SWEDEN !!!! I stayed for a while.

Then In february I went to sweden again . And big things started to happen. One morning when I was ready to go back to Estonia he handed me envelope. I had no idea what the envelope was hidden inside.

I opened it up and it included 2 ticets to LONDON!!!!! He remembered . I told him that I wanted to go to London. It was my dream destination. At a time I was obsessed with Princess Diana and I wanted to see the country she lived.
London was beautiful.

BUT on our way to England , Nick did something. He pulled out little box. I had feeling this might happen. We where in the airplane and he PROPOSED!!!!! At that point we had lived together only for 2 weeks. GRAZY!!!

I sayed YES. I was 19 and I sayed yes. What was wrong with me.????

In 1998 March he moved to USA. I stayed to Estonia. Then in 1st of June I moved to USA also. ( New Jearsey).

12.28.1998 we got married. We flew to Las Vegas and got married in Excalibur hotel chapel. It was just 2 of us.

9 Months after we got married Regina was born, then we moved to CA. Then june 22, 2001 Gabriel was intorduced to this world.
And that all it is. THE TANS.
Nick is 12 years older than me. ( but he behaves like he is 12 years younger) MEN!!!!!

Before we came to ST Jude I was full time collage student.
I started up studing nutrition but I changed my major to culinary arts. Cooking is my passion. I love cooking.
My specialty is rosemary/ carlic roasted leg of lamb or ribs. One day I hope to open my own little place. ( I DREAM about it ).
I olso love eating and since I do love to eat a lot I work out a lot. My favorite cardio workout is biking. In good days I bike about 30 miles( 35 minutes)

I love dancing- more clubbing. I love trance, dance, hip-hop rock, hip-hop, euro dance. My favorite coctail is Cosmopolitan. I love zinfandel ( red).

I do a lot of scrapbooking( now I have about 9 scrapbooks). I love taking photos and working with photos....


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Anonymous said...

This was fun to read!! It was a fascinating story. (Incidentally, my husband's family was from Lituania, so we know where Estonia is.)

So you are a good cook. I watch them cooking on the Food Channel all the time. I'll think of you now when I watch them cook all those complicated things!!

You also take great photos. I am impressed with people who know how to use digital cameras. I don't! :(

Love and kisses to Regina. Hi to your sister. Have fun with your husband and son when they arrive this week. Hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving.
Carol :-)