Monday, November 22


I spoke to soon. While I was here in Target house typing my entry, Regina was in the hospital bewing admittedn with fever. I dont know for how long we get to stay to St Jude this time but pray for a short entry. .



Anonymous said...

Ma mõtlesin, et ma kirjutan sulle vastuseid siia blogi, ainult et eesti keeles. Tohib? Siit sa loed ju kogu see aeg...
Oh ma loodan et see palavik pole midagi tõsist ja et väike kallis Regina paraneb sellest peagi. Ta on ju siiamaani niiiiiiiiiiiiii pagana tubli olnud.
Edu ja kannatust teile.

Maarika ;-)))

Kathy said...

We'll pray those antibiotics take care of her fever right away.

If she is fever-free for at least 48 hours, you can consider asking to go back to Target House with IV antibiotics you administer at home. I managed to convince them to let us do that the last cycle-- they were short on beds and I kept offering to give up our room, finally someone listened.

So far Regina is going like Steven-- fever the first and third cycles, no fever the second. Let's hope Regina beats Steven and has no fever for round 4.

When is her hearing test?

Sleeping Beauty said...

Ikka Tohib!!!! :D