Thursday, November 25

i am so tired now.

Friday has not started yet, but I allready feel tired when I think about my shopping day tomorrow. Yes, I left My DH to hospital overnight and me, sija and Gabriel will wake up early and head to the stores. I hate crowds, but Sija is really exited about all the sales going on tomorrow.

After we left RMH today I felt suddenly hungry- can you belive it? I ate like a pig, but I felt hungry. H U N G R Y. So I went to Target house and I ate the whole 9 inch pumpkin/pecan pie I baked yesterday- IT was heavenly. It was soo good I just could not stop. After I finished eating, I started feeling really fulll. TOOO FULLLLLL. I was about to throw up. But now I am hungry again, and I have no pies to eat- I just feel like eating pies today. lol.

Regina is still not eating anything and her counts remine zero. I want her counts to recover so she can start feeling better . She has one more round chemo left! Yes for Regina!! She is such a little fighter. And smart fighter. With every round of chemo she gets smarter. She knows all the names of meds, she knows what makes her throw up, she knows what nurses do with meds ( crush them up and mix it with cherry cyrup she hates, ) , she knows that benadryl makes her extremely sleepy and vincrystine makes her throw up so does cyclo.... something.
She knows that one day she will be completely cured and she is looking forward to that day. :)

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