Sunday, November 14

Regina and Chemo

Today they started her third round of chemo. So far she did really good- if to compare other 2 times. She did not throw up as many times as before. I guess it is because her nurse today just knew what she was doing.( giving her premeds in advance). Now REgina is sleeping and I have little time for my self.

Last night she threw a little fit about me not taking her Coloring pencils to hospitals. I told her to go to the nurse and ask the nurse, but all nurses had where cryons. So now I have to find her some coloring pencils, and sooner I find them the better it is. lol

Before her chemo she even had nice size brakfast( hash browns and milk), but thanks to chemo nothing stayed in :(

All you really need to know is that she is doing good and her blood pressure in perfect.

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Kathy said...

Go Regina.

Before she started I told you I thought she would do really well, there's something about her, she really is strong for such a little girl.

Give her a kiss for us on top of her head, we think she's great.