Thursday, November 11

My little joke cracker! lol

Regina was in such a happy mood in the hospital. :) She started cracking jokes in A/T and s havent stopped once. She spoke to everybody today and since not lot of people have heard her talking it was a big surprise for everybody to see her running around and just looking cute. :)
Her physical therapist was really really pleased how Regina looks and acts and she sayed that Regina does not need PHYSICAl therapy. SHe is to perfect for it. YES!!!!

We were waiting in the B clinic( bone marrow) waiting area and we were kind of tired of waiting. SO I told regina to go ahead and go see what is keeping them that long LOL. I thought she will say NO, but she ran to b clinic, and started shouting- WHEN IS MY TURN. but since she is so short, nobody could see where the sound was coming from. So I lifted her up and told her to ask again, and she did ask. lol

Then I told her to ask for schedule for tomorrow. And she asked- WHAT"S THE SCHEDULE, LADY???? lol That was the funniest thing ever. She just made my day. I wish she was like that all the time..

Oh, I almost forgot- she was acting all happy and then I told her that I want to take a pic- and guess what??? SHE stopped laughing , turned her smile upside down. and just looked like I was hurting her feelings! lol When I was done with the picture, she started laughing again and was back to her happy REGINA! lol I often wonder, what is going on in her little head???

Don't forget to think about us tomorrow. IT is MRI and Spinal tap day!!!! We have to be in the hospital 6.30 in the morning!!!

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Kathy said...

We hope and pray that Regina's MRI and spinal tap went well, and that all is a go for round 3.