Saturday, November 13

We are ready!!!

Our bags are backed and we are ready to go---- to Inpatient again :D

I know you all want to hear about MRIs, but I can not get hold of anybody who can tell me about her MRI's. So we really think that there is nothing to worry about!!

Last night there was Talent show hosted by alpha something , something. And at first REgina told me that she just wanted to see what other kids are doing, but then she saw another young boy ( I guess her age) singing and she decided that she wanted to sing. YES!! It was her Idea! So she sand ABC song and she looked really cute doing that ( real girly)

Then today we went to see SPONGE BOB movie!! YES!! The whole theater was full ST jude ( Target house, Ronald McDonald house and Grizzlies house) kids. It was funny movie. Regina did lot of laughing. Later we had nice lunch with Kailen( she did not feel very well today, chemo made her little sick). And of course Regina got pics taken with Sponge bob and Patrick!! Oh, and I forgot to mention big pucket of free popcorn and Sprite!!! Thank you one more time for fun morning/noon.
In about 5 hours we go to st jude and nurses will hook her up with fluids, and tomorrow will be her first and the worst Chemo day.

She reallly does look great and act great. :) She almost looks like normal, healthy her- without hair :)

Carol--THANKS!! What a surprise!! Book included even Estonian folk clothes- but let me just mention that Estonia has over 20 different folk clothing styles( each for every corner and county :). I think I am going to scrapbook that Estonian set :)


Anonymous said...

What great pictures!! Regina looks adorable singing the ABCs and with SpongeBob and Patrick. Glad she had some fun times before the chemo...and hope it's not too bad this time.

When I saw the paper dolls and it said Estonia I immediately thought of you! I bet they will look great in a scrapbook.

Hope the next few days go quickly and uneventfully.
Carol :)

Kathy said...

Concerning the MRI's, no news is good news. If something was up, they'd find you.

You can always email Dr. Gajjar, he usually responds to me almost immediately when I email him, he's a very dedicated man. Even when he's out of town he usually responds quickly.

It's hard to think of making Regina sick again, but she's doing so awesomely well, she'll recover quickly, and we'll pray for no fever this time.