Tuesday, November 9

Care bears movie

Mom, I really like Care Bears, they are my favorites :) That is what Regina told me :) Movie was fun. Lots of snacks ( cookies, popcorn, salty natchos, vegetables , ice tea and lemonade. Regina enjoyed fruit salad. :)

Before movie started Target House Manager handed Care Bear DVD to all the kids. And THEN purple Care Bear showed up. Regina jumped up from her chair and raced to hug purple Bear. It looked funny. After movie all the kids got to take pics with care bear. cute:)

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear how much Regina liked the Care Bears movie. The pictures were adorable!! I've always liked the Care Bears--they are colorful teddy bears, and teddy bears are always good!! (I think the purple one is Share Bear.) They have a great website at http://www.care-bears.com/
Tell Regina that I am going to go see The Incredibles because she liked it!! And I'm waiting to hear what she thinks of the SpongeBob SquarePants movie.
Hope the rest of the week goes well and that the chemo isn't too terrible this time.
Love, Carol :-)