Friday, November 5

Beautiful day!!

It is beatiful here today. Sky is blue and weather is nice and chilly- not to hot, not to cold. Sija woke up around 11 am and after she did we went to Pink Palace. It is museum/ IMAX theater and everything else all toghether. Regina had fun.
Weather was just beautiful and we went to overton Park. Regina and sija did some swinging and after some swingind we went to grossery store.

Store was filled with fresh bakery smell. It smelled nice but not so nice for Regina. She threw up right Away she smelled it. So she and sija went to dollar store and I did my grossery shopping. Now we are back in Target house. I got my favorite papa Brims pork Rinds( those really tough ones) and I just love Papa Brims. So cruncy and yummmm( I know some of you are rolling your eyes over HOW CAN YOU EAT DEAD SKIN - lol. I just love it.
Regina had some cheetos and now she is getting ready to scrapbook ( surprise from Carol). I told Regina to wait when I receive my Ofoto halloween pics but she is not eager to wait. She wants to scrap now. OK. Her wish is HER command. :)

I'm going to gym now. I have to bike off those greasy rinds or I end up myself looking like one great pink fatty pig. :) oink oink oink oink. hehe ;)

Life is beautiful- sometimes :)

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures of the three of you. Nice to see everyone having such a fun day!! Hope life continues to be beautiful!!!
Love, Carol :)