Monday, November 15

So far so good!!

MRI!!!!! All the scans where clean. No signs of cancer anywhere!!!!! Spinal fluids where clean also. YES!! Yes!! Yess!!!!!!
But doctor did mention that she had more white cells( I think) in her brain, but she said it is caused by chemo and it'll clear away. :):)

Regina was watching tv. Suddenly she sat up and told me that she can not see. I paniced. I ran out of foom and told her nurse what was going on. When I got back to room , Regina had started conversation whit roomservice lady( she was sweeping the floors). lady asked if Regina wants to borrow her glasses. And REgina shouted-- IT IS A GREAT IDEA!! I NEED YOUR CLASSES NOW!!! wow, where that came from. Shortly after that she started throwing up and then doctor and nurse arrived and her vision was back. That was the weirdest thing ever. Chemo really does make them feel the ways , us, parents can not predict. One moment she is happy and ready to play, then suddenly she has the worst mood swings and then ,- she gives me kisses and hugs and tells me how much she loves me and then suddenly she tells me she hates kisses and hugs because they make her throw up. But I understand- I have to. ( At least I try to ) ;)


Kathy said...

Did they do a functional MRI on Regina, where she presses that button during the scan? When they said white cells, could they have meant white matter, because the functional MRI looks at white matter I know.

We're hoping Regina continues to do well with her chemo and keeps those nasty germs away so you guys don't end up having to stay in the hospital.

And the rest of your family will be there soon, enjoy your time with them.

And we'll try to enjoy our trip to Hawaii. Now I've got to pack :-(

Sleeping Beauty said...

No Kathy. She was under the sedation. :)