Monday, November 8

Schedule for upcoming week.

We hanve nothing much to do until friday morning.
Tomorrow Regina has Physical therapy check up- they just make sure they can walk on her heels, on her toes, threw stuff jump and run- nothing special. Same old, same old

On wednesday we have nothing, thursday just A/T( assesment and triage) to make sure her counts are fine

FIRDAY IS SCARY DAY!!! MTI!!. I know she will be fine, but MRI always scare me. And because of her Friday MRI her schedule is little messed up. She was suppose to admitted on Wednesday( this one), but since her MRI is on friday she will be admitted on saturday- 4 whole days - I was so hoping that they can do something about moving her MRI after chemo, but well, it was sheduled 3 months ago and everything is pretty much full. And nobody knew that regina revcovers so fast from chemo. :)

So saturday we start our 5 day horrifying adventure to chemoland. I'm not looking forward her throwing up and not eating . I don't want her to loose 5 more lbs. She gained one lb back since last chemo, but she will loose it for sure. :(

Right now she is sitting on the floor and assembles her 3 D puzzle dinosaurs. She is really good with that. THose dinosaur pieces are very, very small, but she is getting them together. :) good job Regina.

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Kathy said...

LIVESTRONG3 adult and 2 kid sizes on their way.

As much as possible, try not to stress about the MRI (says the queen of stress, but like my parents always said, do as I say, not as I do, okay?).

The chances of anything bad happening during chemo is extremely unlikely, and Regina, she's a fighter, she's tough, and she's doing great.

We'll pray for her good MRI results and that her nausea is minimal during chemo. We also pray that she can keep those nasty germs away while her counts are down so you can be at Target House rather than sleeping in the chair or sofa bed at the hospital with those early morning nurse visits where the patient is required to pee in a cup.