Wednesday, November 17


Med free day.!!! Today is her rest day. She just gets fluids. And tonight she will be hooked up with TPN again. SHe havent had a bite of food since sunday morning. :(

She is way to attached to me. I love it but the same time I even can not stay to the bathroom without hearing her scream - WHAT ARE YOU DOING THERE SO LONG!!!!! lol

OK. I hit the gym now. I need to shred 5 lbs before thanksgiving next week. So I can eat more. lol ( how logic is that ) lol

Carol!!! Thank you for the great packs!! Regina has been enjoying the Disney princess books and sticky board( I guess that what it was called).

I told her that soon the packages will stop and she has to be happy with whatever I buy for her- and she told me that NO, Carol can not stop sending her packages because she will be tooo bored without her fun stuff. HUH?????
Does it mean i'm boring??? Carol, I think she likes you more than me ;)

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Anonymous said...

It's great that Regina is doing okay. I'm glad she's happy with the packages. I love sending them. And I don't want her to ever be bored!!! (Mothers are supposed to be kind of boring--dependable and always there, but boring!) Give her a hug and kiss from me. And I'm sorry about your car.
Carol :)