Friday, November 19

Reginas new career


Thank you!! Regina is giving us the best manicures now!! Our nails are pretty and pink!! :)

Regina had great day. She was such a little chatterbox today. Very active chatterbox. I think nobody ever heard her talking that much at once. She sure made miss Keidy and Renee to laugh by telling them how to make turkey and spiders. ;lol

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Anonymous said...

Tell Regina she is so pretty!! I was thrilled to see her smiling!!! I'm glad she's giving everyone good manicures. Tell her, when she's through with the fingernails, she can polish everyone's toenails too!!

Turkey and spiders--I think I'll try that next week! I'm sure my husband and daughter will be thrilled. (Actually I think our puppy Lilo would like that--she'll eat anything, including bugs!)

Glad to also see the great picture of Regina, the artist, doing her arts and crafts!!

I hope Regina keeps feeling good--and that you have a great time when the rest of the family comes next week.

Carol :-)