Thursday, November 25

We know the reason..;.

why Regina has fevers. Today doctor told us that finally they found a reason. She has viral infection. Nothing that she got from outside. IT is something we all have in us. But since her immune system is so week, she even can not fight the little viral bugs that are natural parts of our body. Now doctors are preventing her infection to get worse. She is on 2 different antibiotics. THey are trying to wean her off from vancomysin( very storng and powerful antibiotic).

Me , Sija and Gabriel went to Ronald McDonalh house for lunch. It was big but really tasty mistake. I ate 5 pieces of different pies, and turky and ham and everything else I have been wanting to eat all year long, but did not. Starting from tomorrow I have to go back to my normal , healthy balanced diet. ( with no extra sweets and calories. )

Regina seems doing ok in the hospital. We are trying to find her activities to do and she is ok with whatever we give it to her. :)

Happy Turkey Day! :D

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