Thursday, November 18

Hurray for Regina!!!

3 doses down , one to go!!! Wohooo!! She did awsome during her third round. Chemo affected her little this time. ANd she even did not throw up when she got her stem cells back!!!! YEY!!. We got out of the hospital around 6.30. We where supposed to get discharged around 4pm. We waited and waited and waited and then I asked from nurse what is going on. She told us that her counts has to come back from lab and then they can let us out of here. Well, it was 5 and no counts, 5.30- still nothing. Finally they found out that the shooter system was down( they insert blood into little containers and shoot it down to lab( kind of like in the grossery store banks, where you but money or checks or whatever whey need into clear containers). So she found somebody who could take reginas blood down and finally after 30 minutes of waiting( from 6 to 6-30) we got out !!!!

Last night Regina had to get some blood. She had very weird reaction to blood. Her legs got really itchy and red . At first doctor thought it is nothing, but then the redness started spreading and after 15 minutes both of her legs where red and rashy. They gave her some Benadryl and it helped a lot. Now she has to get premeds every time she gets blood or platelets( it adds extra 30 minutes in medicine room).

It is 10 pm now. I got really hungry and I was crawing for chocolate. For my luck I had half box chocolate cax mix. SO I got really creative. I took the mix, I added 2 tbsp of peanutbutter, , one egg, 5 oz of apple sauce, water, cinnamon, 2 tbsp sour cream and I mixed it all together. Our apartment smells soooo good now and I am allready eating my cake! It came out delicious!!! oh, the power of chocolate!!! I am so happy now!!

Good night!

Dh and Gabriel will arrive next tuesday!! I can not wait. At least then I have somebody I can pick on;) Love you honey!!!

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