Sunday, July 1

S U N D A Y is here....

PERFECT!!! I have so much hope right now. Regina is doing awesome. She is such a great spirits. she has been playing, singing Dancing ( Watch out Britney Spears- girls with real class and dance moves is about to steal your spotlight...) SHE has played Barbie dress up with Nick. ( poor Nick) Also, time to time she grabs her math books and starts doing math.- WTG!!!

Looking at her I just can not believe that something so tragic is happening to her. But again, right now we are hoping that her tumors are all ready shrinking. We started her on some herbal remedies that help fight cancer and I believe she is fighting with all her might :)

I am not sure how many of you are reading this blog, but if you are THANK YOU for being part of Reginas story. I would love to let everybody know that WE ARE NOT READY TO STOP FIGTHING . Regina has neurosurgens appointment on monday, and if he sees that Reginas scar is healing right and he feels that it is ok to start Chemo, WE ARE STARTING IT.. I cant take 2 months -- I need at least 20 more years with her... So with that said,, if Reginas scar is healed , then on tuesday early morning we are heading to CHLA( childrens Hospital of Los Angeles ) to start with very intensive chemo. We were told that there are no guarantees . It may happen that she could pass away during her Chemo.. But ALSO there is possibility that her tumors start shrinking and we are going to see some kind of light in end of that dark and muddy tunnel... I'd appreciate if you all respect our decision . IT was hard one to make. But to to give up or fight-- What would you choose- and our friends know- WE ARE FIGHTERS!!!!!

Now about Todays party!!!!!-- If you read this blog and you live walking distance from park we are having party today, If you don't feel like walking- What the heck... just drive ;) lol

AND again , I would like to remind you - it will be one unorganized mess... ;) so just come, enjoy and play with your kids... And do not forget to hug them... Also, my friend is bringing sign up book so you all can sign a note to Regina , and we will set up donations box for Regina. Money will go towards her Treatment this time. I am pretty sure we have to take out her college fund and empty our savings account... AGAIN- CANCER SUCKS BIG TIME!!!!!


ALSO- I WANT TO THANK YOU ALL OF YOU FOR SENDING CARDS FOR REGINA. EVERY TIME SHE OPENED ENVELOPE - WE HEARD - WOW FROM HER. I have to apologize, but I can not send personalized message to every card and gift she received, BUT, we are very thankful everything you have done.

Special thanks to Parisa and "celebration" party planning team. You know who you are :) Thank you for doing this...

Apologies to all phonecalls I have not been able to return.


Eunice Nygard said...

Praying for Regina and you all as you continue to fight. I was directed to your website through my grandson Asher Carlson's website. Please tell Regina that Grandma Eunice in Virginia will remember her in prayer each day. She is a beautiful young lady.

Anonymous said...

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