Tuesday, July 24


Tuesday was great day for Regina:) Her counts are recovering. Her ANC was 450 today. We also saw Dr Finlay and after I asked when we can start with chemo, he told me when her ANC is at least 750. So I am guessing , sometimes next week. :) Regina continues to do well. :) She slowly is starting to eat, she is more active. :) Dr FInlay feels very enthusiastic about Reginas recovery, but again- nobody knows exactly how cancer can react. But since Regina really have not had any vomiting ( besides chemo vomiting), and she only had one headache, that was most likely due to 4 different antibiotics, we have hope. :)

I know it was not nurses fault, but today Reginas fluids bag was leaking. I noticed it when I was taking her to restroom. Floor was wet... and then I saw her nutrition/ fluids bag tripping... of course I was yelling- HEY , REGINAS FLUIDS ARE LEAKING> COME AND DO SOMETHING. I was nervous. I TOLD nurse to get a sample of those fluids and get it to lab for testing... i do not like broken medical stuff.... Hopefully her bag was not contaminated with harmful bacteria. :)

Now-- I want to thank you REgina from Estonia :) Thank you for beautiful flowers. They light up our house. :)

Thank you Leslie for great surprise-- Very needed surprise .... :)

THANK you for all the wonderful letter, cards and photos. REGINA has so much fun looking at them.

THANK you OVEN for that SUPER REGINA PICTURE> :) Everybody here loves it. Even doctors and nurses. It is also one of my favorite paintings..

Thank you My Estonian supporters Young and old- strangers and friends:) WE ARE Overwhelmed with encouraging letters ... :)

THANK YOU ALL OF YOU , who took a time off from your busy schedule and wrote Regina letters and cards. :):)

THANK YOU , THANK you THANK YOU !!!!!! That is all I can say :)


Kathy said...

Sounds like she'll be discharged tomorrow. We'll pray for that.

Patty said...

Sounds good, apparently all of the prayers are doing something for her. I hope they continue to work. Will be thinking of you and your whole family. Give Regina extra hugs and kisses from all of your blogging friends.

Patty said...

Me again, just wanted to let you know, I mailed a small package out today for Regina, they told me it would take at least two days to get there, but I didn't think about insuring it. So hope it arrives in good condition.

Also while I think about it, I notice you said something about your Estonia frineds. We use to sell supplies to Calligrapher's.
My husband has written several books on Calligraphy. We had one gentleman in Estonia by the name of Villu Toots, he would write to my husband. I'm assuming he has passed away, since we haven't heard from him in years.

Again good luck to Regina and her family.

Meril said...

Reaing how well Regina is doing brights up my day. Absolutely wonderful! :)

Lots of hugs :)