Tuesday, July 10


I know pics and story do not match, but I want to share more Prencess party pics. It was OMG kind of event.... ;)

Thank you Risa and princesses!!!!

WE are crammed into room with 2 other families- yes 3 families in one tiny room. i like one family, they are super nice . Their daughter has eye cancer. The other family is LOUD LOUD and filthy. They have people coming in and out all the time and tv is turned to max.lol and i miss doctors and nurses in St Jude... it is very weird feeling...

Yes, Regina started her Chemo yesterday late night , around 10.14 pm.
3 chemo drungs, antibiotics, anti nausea meds.. She did very well. No diarrhea, she vomited only once.
BUT she is very moody and does not want me to leave her sight. She has been eating very well, and as I am finding out very good sleeper.

Tomorrow they have to put her to "sleep" to get her PICC line in. She has very "bad " veins so that is why. Last night she got her chemo through IV line.

She misses her friends and says HI to everyone

I also got to meet dr Finlay briefly. I went to bathroom to brush my teeth, and when I got back to our room, Regina was surrounded by 10 something people. i was still wearing my rainbow jammies..lol


Kathy said...

Even in San Diego, we've never been more than two to a room and all the ICU / CCU rooms are private.

I hope when her counts fall you'll have more privacy.

Regina's princess party was awesome.

We're praying that chemo works.

Sleeping Beauty said...

They supposed to move us, BUT , they moved our messy neighbors instead. last night was horrible. OUR OTHER spanish speaking neighbors had "party until 12 am. I complained a lot. ANd finally they shut up. My other side neighbor thanked me for that. AND I am not sure what is it. WHY they have to blast tv to max and listen to mariachi music... ...

Kathy said...

When Steven was 15 months old, he got pneumonia and almost died, it was horrible.

We started out in CCU, got moved to ICU, back to CCU, and after 9 days, to a regular room, semi-private but with nobody in the other bed.

After 2 days there, a 6-year old boy with pneumonia was brought to the other bed. He was spanish-speaking, no English, and a relative had just dropped him off at the hospital, too many other kids and nobody to watch them, nobody to stay with the boy.

We felt terrible for that poor boy being left alone, but I was even more worried about Steven being in the room with another contagious child after a week in ICU and almost losing him, I wasn't taking any chances.

So I told them I was taking him home, with or without their permission. I gave them an hour to get the paperwork together while I sat out on the patio with Steven wrapped in a blanket.

If you have to share a room, there should be a lights-out, no noise policy by 9 or 10 unless everyone consents.

Maybe I'll have to drive up there after all and have a word with someone...

Sleeping Beauty said...

lol We had a word with someone and seems like things are starting to move. Lady who came in was surprised to see HOW many visitors that other family had -- 10 this morning AND all of them here same time. Nick just went downstairs to have a talk one of the security whatever people , who also handles cases like this.
Luckily we get out tomorrow. Regina has her PICC line in and seems like she is doing ok with it :)

Anonymous said...

I hope things will get better there so you can consentrate on Regina and don't have to deal with things like that.
And I'm glad she is doing ok with the PICC line. :)
I'm thinking of you guys a lot! :)
Big Hugs,
Maris Cutler

Kathy said...

The person I recommend you speak with is Finlay, the great man himself. Or Dr. Dhall. Email is good, and you can complain by email 24/7.

Hopefully tomorrow you'll be out and all will be well.

Sleeping Beauty said...

lol I thought about it. but NO. I complain straight to people. I all ready got paid for being bad person. MY hospital " bed" did not work, so they had to find me new . Bed.