Sunday, July 22

Sunday;) Christmas in July.:)

(Jenny Mason Photography)
Our day started out great. Regina did not have fever today. last time she had fever was about 4.30 AM and it was 38.4. We were also moved into new room :) Thank You DR Dhall.:)
Our room number here is 436 A and we share it with one other patient.:)

We also had visitor today. Well, 2 visitors. At ronald Mc Donald house I met Pun and his Wife Moose ( cool names huh). We met Pun 2 weeks ago at Ronald Mc Donald house Day camp. He was the one who made Regina laugh:)

We also got visit from Santa- Christmas in July - Regina got 2 Barbies and some clothes for them:) she has been up and playing wih her new toys. Thank you Santa. :)

Regina has been very talkative. I hope it is because her fever is leaving her. Regina has not been eating. She does not even want to eat Carnation instant breakfast drinks. They do taste gross. I thought I rather make her slim fast shake , than feed those yucky tasting substitutes.
Her ANC is 0 , Hemoglobin and platelets are normal. She still gets 3 different antibiotics to cover all possible infections.


Meril said...

I hope she`s getting better and thank God she`s feeling slighly better already :) So thats good new! :)
Hopefully you can go home soon and fingers crossed for the MRI. You`ll be both in my prayers!

BTW, beautiful pictures! She looks beautiful :)

Lots of hugs :)

Patty said...

So glad she is feeling better and fever is down. I hope and I'll pray that it stays down. Hang in there and give her a big hug from the Lincoln family.