Monday, July 23

New Better Day.

Monday - I love Mondays when they start out great:0) Regina woke up happy. No fevers . She is coloring, watching tv, talking, asking questions. Her imagination is working great and she is making up silly stories about princesses... Very cute. :)
I believe, that huge part of her recovery I own to myself. ( Thank You diana). Since we now share room with only one family ( 436 a), there is less stress in room. I love this room better. Layout is much better. At least our feet are not facing door anymore. I hate when our feet faced our room door.
Everybody here is waiting reginas counts to come up. We want to continue with chemo as fast as possible. Her ANC has to be 500 before we proceed with it. Hopefully GCSF ( I have to give those painful shots) will work and in few days she is doing GREAT!!!!

We also have very sweet and cute roommate Melissa. Melissa is 6 y 10 m old. She was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma on June 16th this year. Her tumor story sounds a lot like reginas. doctors just kept giving her different medications, and telling her mom that she just has stomach flu, or food poisoning, or she is dehydrated, and needs more fluids. She almost died in ER and doctors still did not believe Her mom that MELISSA was sick and it was not her stomach. Her mom had told doctors many times that problem is in melissas head. Finally, when Melissa stopped breathing in ER - MOM took her to ER DOCTOR, banged on doctors door. doctor took one look at melissa and told her mom - SHE IS JUST SLEEPING. Then melissa started having seizures and she was transported to CHLA ( they are from LA area). She had surgery- after surgery she did not talk for 2 weeks. Doctors removed her brain tumor, but cancer is still present in her spine. And her mom told me that there are lots of cancer cells in Melissas Spine. Melissa can not walk right now. She has to be on wheelchair. She also has few infections in her brain, swelling, she has to have shunt, she has feeding tube, one of her side is very weak. But she is in really great spirit. And she had told her mom not to worry. She is going to be ok. ( just like Regina told me when she was diagnosed in 2004).

I was listening to Melissas story and I just started crying. I just hope that she recovers, starts walking and dancing again. Her doctor is also Dr Dhall. :)

So , here we are.. I could see myself in melissas mom. Not knowing what will happen. Not knowing what drugs could do to her daughter... very scare feeling.")


Patty said...

So happy that you at least have a semi-private room. That has to be so much nicer for you and your family. Rooms with three and four beds or more is nothing but confusion, all the time. Will be thinking of your little Regina and also her new friend Melissa.

IsabellasCloset said...

Hello.. As I type this the tears are streaming down my face. Oh how my heart goes out to you and your beautiful daughter. You will both be in my thoughts and prayers. I'm so sorry to read about Reginas relapse.
Your post brings back memories of me so many years ago at Childrens hospital in Akron Ohio and The Cleveland Clinic..I spent many many nights at these hospitals talking to other Mothers about our ill children...What very special Mothers these Gals were. I'm sure you know this and share the same feeling..
Each story tugs at our hearts. I feel so helpless. Wish I could do more then just pray for your Regina.
What a brave litle girl she is.
Please know your blog has truly touched my heart.
Your precious daughters face will be on my mind this day forward. God bless you both! ~Mary~
Yes hospital life is not fun at all...

Anonymous said...

Diana, Your story broke my heart, as my Melissa had Medulloblastoma.(I say had, because I am not sure what to say, we finished treatment in June.) Your friend Kathy knows of us because she is the first person I ever fan across on line,with a brain tumour. That is how I found you guys, I am praying for Regina and her roomate Melissa. And of course for both of your families. Take Care, CArolyn Lilly

texican412 said...


I read about your daughter on Shoegal's blog. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that you and Regina will be in the thoughts and prayers of my own little family. *hugs*

AlongForTheRide said...

I read about your daughter on my blogsite. much prayers will be said and I'm thinking of you and your family. ~hugs~

Kathy said...

She's feeling better and you're in a better room--

That's an answered prayer.

Just keep taking good care of that girl.

Anonymous said...

Diseases Don't Just Happen!

moshimoshi said...

may all of you be strong in facing this difficulties. my prayers are with you guys.

Meril said...

Yay! Great news that she`s feeling better and happier! :)
Soon you can go home

Hugs to both of you

Regina and Melissa are in my prayers