Thursday, July 12

Thursday- day 4

Today we were discharged from CHLA. We were supposed to leave hospital around 9 am, BUT our doctor forgot to send prescriptions to pharmacy and because of that we got out around noon. WE took our stuff and took off as fast as possible. Now we are home. JUst for a night. TOmorrow morning we will go back to CHLA since Regina has labs.
her Wednesday chemo was fine. Just oral. ALso her PICC line is doing great.
Now she is on oral chemo. THANKFULLY tomorrow we can cross off TEMODAR( 2 pills)
then she will be on Oral ETOPOSIDE until 7/29. Also She has to take antibiotics, zofran , Levothyroxine,Cefixime... Vitamines, herbal remedies, and couple of things I am not talking about right now. When It is time we will let you know.

She has been tolerating chemo really, really well. I am pleasantly surprised how well. :) I was also told that her counts are getting lower and lower. I can see GCSF shots in near future, and that will be up to me to do. I also have to flush her PICC line, and keep it try and clean. .

Also, I have been in HORRIBLE tooth pain past few days. So bad I can't fall asleep. I finally called my dentist today, got some antibiotics and vicodin. Pain has left me but feeling that something sharp is sticking me inside my gum is there. very uncomfy feeling. I had crown and root canal done few weeks ago and filling, and both of those teeth are hurting like hell. I hope whatever infection is there clears up after dose of antibiotics ,but if not, I do not want them to remove my super expensive crown and do more root canal work. UGH.


Kathy said...

I'm so glad you're home, even if only briefly. A private room, your own refrigerator, makes you appreciate all those things we all take for granted.

You guys keep Regina feeling well. I hope the antibiotics take care of your tooth pain.

lennuk said...

I'm glad to hear that Regina is doing good.
I saw her in my dream today. I can't remember what exactly was my dream. But remember thinking: wow, Regina is in my dream!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear that Regina is doing well and that her counts are getting lower. Being home will do her good aswell. :)
Maris C.