Wednesday, July 18


Labs look worse and worse each passing day. Reginas platelet count was 43 000. Usually when it is 50 000 or less she needs platelet transfusion. And she did. ANC is 0( ZERO) which means she has no immunity to fight of infections. She also got her GCSF shot today. And after platelets her temp raised to 37,5 again. I do not like this temp jumping like that. In hospital we were told to go to RMDH and just wait until it reaches 38. Great!!!
SO again, here I am asking you to send your happy/healthy thoughts to her way. May she have energy to continue fighting, may her counts reach back to normal SOON.
WE have to stop her oral etoposide today. Dr thinks she needs a break from it. BUTwe have to continue with Irinotecan on monday, because dr Finlay believes that it is not right to stop Irinotecan. I like dr Finlay and dhall. I think they are doing great job. ( Only thing I dislike about it is waiting for them for hours ...).

So much from us. No appointments tomorrow. I have to Give Regina GCSF shot tomorrow all by myself. Oh, fun..

THANK you for cards, packages, pictures. THANK you Michael and Gracy- Regina is counting those quarters RIGHT now.... lol OF course I had to sanitize all the money first. lol. I poured all the quarters into plastic cup, and then poured hand sanitizer over it. Money never smelled so clean before. :)


lennuk said...

Dear Regina,
I'm sending lots of happy and healthy thoughts to your way!
Be strong! Keep fighting!
With best wishes,

Evelyn Lum said...

Dear Regina,
You do not know me but I have read so much about you on your mom's blog. You are such a special girl and what you & your family have gone through/are going through touched my heart so. Please know that you guys are in my prayers and thoughts. If you are having a bad day today, remember tomorrow will be a better day!