Thursday, July 19

Fever and ER.

Update--- Bummer,,, I am telling you. I have giant Latino curse laying over my head. WE are back in same room 430 B with 2 other families. I WAS told that they will not do such thing when counts are low and person has fever, but I guess, we do not qualify for 2 person room for some weird reason. EVERYBODY else form our room gets moved away to 2 family rooms... Not sure why they can't do this to us??? Regina still has 38.3 fever.

And question how many times I have donated blood here- answer is 0. I have couple of health problems and my blood is not good quality blood.

Regina In ER ( and my "chair bed" next to Reginas bed)

yes, last night around 1.30 we ended up in CHLA ER. Regina had 38.4 fever and we just took her to ER. Since hospital is over crowded with children , there were no available beds on oncology floor, so Regina and I had to spend in ER room. OK guys, now I want you to all feel bad at me... I HAD TO sleep sitting up!!!!!! Because there were no sleeping beds in room..( enough about me)

Since Regina had fever when we got there, they threw her labs, she is on 2 different antibiotics, and her mouth hurts, which may mean 2 things- she may have tooth pain, or she is starting to get mouth sores ( common thing with her). If she has a tooth pain- Poor Regina , I feel her pain, if she has mouth sores, she will probably refuse food soon. :( She has all ready lost one pound in hospital.:(

Today, if they get a room we can move away from ER, but we were told that sometimes people stay to ER couple of days, before there area available beds. ( OK guys, NOW I miss ST JUDE, Terribly..

Also, for my surprise Regina was never hooked up with monitors that monitor her heart rate, oxygen levels, pulse, etc. They take her temp, feed her bottles of tylenol and pat on the sholder- FEEL BETTER... I am telling you people- We are spoiled when it comes to hospitals, and I am not used this kind of treatment. ALso, it drives me nuts when nurses start talking to me in Spanish. We live in AMErICA people, what happened to ENGLISH???(Yes, I am frustrated./ And with that said----- Puedo tener un jarra de cervesa por favor

I just hope that whatever Infection Regina is fighting right now, leaves her body and causes no serious damage. Her counts are still very LOW. ANC is 0. Platelets are up since she got platelet transfusion yesterday..

PEOPLE. Come to CHLA and donate blood and platelets. Reginas blood type is B positive. That is how you can help Regina and other kids who need blood products.


Anonymous said...

Tere Diana,

Motlen teie koigi peale ja hoian poialt kogu aeg, et Reginal palavik ruttu ara laheks. Regina on igal pildil nii ilus, kohe uskumatu, et ta peab nii jubedalt voitlema ja tugev olema.
Terv. kristina.

Anonymous said...

ohh, just minu veregrupp. kahju, et teid aidata ei saa. käin eestis küll aeg-ajalt doonoriks, teid kahjuks see aidata ei saa.
mõtlen iga päev teie peale, täna käisin ka kirikus. olege tublid ja saage palavikust üle!

Evelyn Lum said...

Ok, I don't understand that language. Try Chinese please! I live in Houston, Texas but I will go donate blood when the blood bank bus come by my office next. I have been doing that regularly. This time I will tell them I am donating for Regina Tan, anytime for Regina! Please give her a hug from me (in case you must know, I'm 47 years old,Singaporean Chinese with a 20 year old daughter) and my heart aches for you guys!

Anonymous said...

And how many times have you donated? ;-)

Kathy said...

So which is better, the ER or a hospital room with 3 families, one of which has 10 visitors?

I feel for you. If you were closer, I'd volunteer to do a night shift so you and Nick could sleep.

I know people who sleep in the bed with their child, just tell Regina to move over.

Sounds like what you really need is a CARE package. One of those inflatable Aerobeds they have at Costco, it inflates to the height of a regular bed and plugs into the wall power to inflate and adjust the firmness, they're very nice and way more comfortable than those chairbeds and sofas they have for the parents.

Add earplugs, a sleep mask, a bottle of wine, and a Spanish/English/Estonian dictionary and you might be able to get a halfway decent sleep even in the ER.

And just for good measure, a gift certificate for the Burlington Goat Factory ;-)

Anonymous said...

Regina and family,

Praying that the fever leaves Regina's body pronto!!!

Hope you get moved soon, so you do not have to sleep sitting up again tonight. YOu know you are a parent of cancer when....anything with a 15 degree recline or more looks comfortable!! Take care, cArolyn Lilly

Sleeping Beauty said...

HA ha ha.. Yes, any "goat" factory will work now . No massage. I can't stand people touching me right now. ( Hugs are fine, We love hugs). And handshakes too, but no massage. IT feels very wrong to get a massage right now. ;) If Regina suffers, I can too...
BTW, regina has major tooth pain. I am guessing that might be reason for her fevers.
Kathy, if you get hold of Vicodin, send it over here. I MISS VICODIN. It was bestestestest drug ever. Seriously... One pill and I felt like I had bottle of wine... I should have tooth pains more often

Evelyn Lum said...

I've made a card for Regina. Should I send it to your home in 27715 Manor Hill Rd, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 or is there an address at the hospital?

The ParTea Planner said...

I am B+ type blood.

I left a message at the blood donation dept. there at CHLA to make an appointment for a blood and platelets draw, hopefully it will be soon for me to get up there.

Will continue to pray for you all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Diana,

I am B positive. I will call on tomorrow to see what the procedure is for giving blood. I would like to visit if you are up to it. I will plan on Tuesday.

I am sending prayers and good energy your way.


Sleeping Beauty said...


Patty said...

I send you well wishes, many, many prayers and lots of hugs. I wish you were able to be at St. Judes once more, since that seems like the right hospital to care for you daughter.

Here's hugs from me in Ohio. I can not give blood, because of some health problems and medications I am on. But if I could I would donate a pint in her name.

Anonymous said...

hei sõbrad!

mul pole küll vajalikku veregruppi, aga muidu olen ma üsna korralik doonor ja käin regulaarselt verd andmas, päästab see siis kellegi elu ehk ikka...
Olge vaprad, tulin just Setust ja nägin Tartu bensiinijaamas õhtulehte ja Reginat. Nii soe tunne tuli jälle....
Olge vaprad, homme on jälle parem.

Jaana said...

have you tried Clove Oil on Reginas mouth sores. Good old remedie that goes back to Egypt and 100% natural. Just use Q-tip.It will kind of burn at first but then numbs it and gives relief for a cuple of hours. I do it in the camp for kids with fever blisters and gum problems, they are not happy at first but then come back and ask for more :)
I am thinking of you ALL THE TIME and keep my fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

HI There:
You dont know me..I am the girl that used to park (black Sequoia)in front of you every day at pick from LNES. My family and I live on Country Lane.
I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you and your family and praying for you every single day. We are here for you...
With Love,
Jennifer K.

reader Wil said...

Oh dear, I feel so sad reading this. I wish you lots of strength. I think of you all the time.Your daughter is lovely.