Monday, July 2

My heartfelt thank you to all of you

It was beautiful day to start with. Sunday, july 1st, 2007. Sky was as blue as ever. Sun was shining and we were ready to celebrate. Around 4 pm we headed to our local park to have some fun with friends.
When I arrived, somebody ( Barbara and Jennifer) had decorated park with CUTE pink ribbons. IT WAS MAGICAL. It was just so beautiful and clean.... AND then Jacks mom ( ;) ) and Garrets parernts had set up "roof" and decorated it, Parisa brought sign- Celebrating Regina, and HELEN brought the BIGGEST poster with Reginas picture, so people could sign it !!!
ALSO 2 funny clows Lulu and Betty Poop were making children laught with their silly jokes and balloons.. IT was really cool.
BUT biggest surpirse came from GYMBOREE England and Scotland stores .. OMG Suddenly we saw 2 HUGE clouds of balloons- 200 balloons from Gymboree, ALSo Gymboree representatives arrived which WAS TOTAL SURPRISE. I WAS in total AWE,,, I think I lost my ability to talk... ( which usually never Happens) I was so humbled that Reginas story has touched so many lives, I was moved to tears to see all those people come to gether and HAVE FUN!!! NO MELTDOWNS, no Pizza, no COKE and people still had fun... That was very cool...

AND when it was my time to give a speech, I just was speechless. COMPLETELY... I forgot all words I wanted to say. I was fighting back tears .. There was so much love and care in the air, it was hard for me to add something more to make it more perfect. IT WAS perfect the way it was.
SO THANK YOU ALL AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN for your support !!! It means a lot to us !!!

ALSO- I want to thanks each one of you for making regina cards, gifts, cookies, ... ALSO THANK YOU FOR CHECKS, Cash, gift certificates.-- TRUST me , it all will be used towards her chemo and herbal treatments.

AND thank you for bringing healthy food with you. I was impressed!!!!

Now, about Reginas upcoming schedule.
We saw dr Loudon today. HE IS bestestestest doctor/neurosurgeon ever. Sadly, we can not start chemo yet. We have to wait at least one more week before we go ahead and do chemo. Her scar is still not completely healed and her scull needs healing also. We do not want chemo to to do extra damage.... Dr loudon also told us, IF chemo works, we can do Gamma Knife Stereotactic Radiosurgery- very cool!!!!!!!!

So sometimes in Next week ( monday most likel) we will head to CHLA to start chemo. Until then, lets hope that herbs are working and she is allready healing!!!

ALSO , thank you to city of Laguna niguel for opening Restrooms for this event.. And thank you to many other things I still can't remember, so PLEASE, if you want to be thanked personally by me- EMAIL ME AND TELL ME.. I WANT TO BE THANKED BY YOU!!!

OH, and thank you to photographer ... I will post her information later...
ALSO, all of you who took pics, please email me some of those pictures. I was not in role of photographer, so I do not have good shots this time ;) Whatever I will post in future about this event- is taken by other people... And if you want credit for your picstures, I will post your name under pic :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Diana,

The celebration sounded just perfect in every way! I was not there in person but in spirit for sure.

Please know I'll be fighting with you guys, I'll do all the prayer part!

Regina is precious and I'm here praying your through,

Keep HOPING, Keep Belieiving!!


Elisabet said...


It was truly a magical day, and when all the balloons went up in the air you could really feel all the good thoughts and wishes soar.

We are thinking of you ALL the time and HOPE you can feel it!

Love and good thoughts to you all

Elisabet, KG, David and Sofia

Anonymous said...

Hi, Diana! The celebration was absolutely incredible. I've never felt so much love and such a strong sense of community. This afternoon the kids and I saw a single pink balloon floating in the sky. To me it seemed like a sign from above, a message telling me that Regina's somehow going to be okay. You guys are in our thoughts constantly. Please let us know if there's absolutely anything we can do.
Much love, Melissa Fromme and family

Anonymous said...

Parimad soovid ja tervitused ja volu-voimud Raginale, et ta tugev oleks ja vastu peaks. Koik on voimalik! Eriti usun praegu sellesse herbal ravisse, MISKI peab ju aitama! Parimad soovid ja tervitused teile koigile siit Londonist meie poolt, ei anna kyll endast eriti marku, aga kogu aeg olen asjaga kursis ja hoiame poidlaid ja loodame parimat!!! Kristina ja Hannu