Sunday, July 15

Friday , saturday sunda.

(Therapy dog Riley)
(another therapy dog)

I am sorry I have not updated my blog for several days. Big problem around here seems to be server Issues. I am not sure IF RMH does not want to fix it or they do not know how to fix it. Yesterday I told them that my DH can fix it, but I was told that OH, they are working on fixing it…. IT IS STILL NOT FIXED…..

Hi you all. It has been very overwhelming past few weeks. On June 22nd we were told that Regina may have couple of more months left to live. I still remember those faces and words and expressions on doctors faces when we were left with those devastating news. And then social worker (s) came to talk to us. Everybody wanted to know if we are ready to start hospice, do we have church, what kind of casket we want, do we want Regina cremated. Before cremation do we want open or closed casket…. And so on. Questions came and came and I really felt like , oh no, end is near.. I was so depressed and sad with everything. BUT I was not angry. For my surprise I was not. I just remember feeling helpless. I remember feeling like this disease is going to kill me instead of her. It is horrible feeling to start with..

Now , 3 weeks later I just can’t take eyes off her. She is so beautiful. Full of like, full of some sort of weird positive energy. HER sense of humor is back and , oh boy, she really does get jokes, and most importantly, she understands those jokes and stories and she remembers.

BUT again.. I am so afraid that 2 month deadline… it will be in August 22nd. I believe that she will fight hard this time around and she will live happily ever after. I have to believe that. I want to know what doctors think, but same time , I so dislike the way they give us the news… Yuck..

Today is Sunday. Regina is doing pretty good. She did complain headache yesterday, but she seems to be ok today.

Yesterday I asked what Regina dreams about. She told me she has beautiful dreams… She dreams that all of us are beautiful Fairies, and our Laguna Niguel house is one huge flower and we all live in it. Yes , fairies is her favorite subject now. We talk about them a lot. Regina also told me that she wants do decorate her Christmas tree with Fairies and Angels. Yes, she still dreams big. J

Reginas apetite is still great. She eat a lot and really healthy. Yesterday I asked her if she wants to have doughnut for breakfast. ( it is her favorite dessert besides ice cream and brownies) – Guess what she told me- MOMMY, I thought you knew… DOUGHNUTS are very unhealthy for us. SO please stop offering me unhealthy stuff. She also made statement about fast food places. NO MORE FAST FOOD FOR her, because people who eat fast food get very fat, are very unhealthy, and can get cancer…. ( I swear, I did not tell her that people can get fat and cancer.) < style=""> We do shop here now In whole foods, trader joes, and Wild oats. Henrys is also one of our fave stores. Vons organic section also.

My only problem here is finding Ecover laundry detergent and softner. I looked everywhere, but those 2 ( everywhere Ilooked stores) stores I looked into were all sold out. L Yuck. I WANT TO DO LAUNDRY NOW..

Now update about my teeth. News are not good. Vicodin is not working. It worked for 24 hours and that is it. It is strong one. 750 mg. But about hour after taking vicodin Pain is back and worse than ever. I did call my dentist and got appointment to see him on Monday. SO I will be home on Monday . And after my appointment I will drive back to CHLA. YUCK YUCK.


Chandra Moon's Other World said...

I am very sorry to hear about your brave little girl. I hope a miracle can happen or at least she does not have too much pain.

Patty said...

Probably by now you have found some laundry detergent. I looked on line and found these three locations that claim they sell the detergent, don't know about the softner.

Laguna Niguel Henry's Farmers Market
27271 La Paz Rd
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677-3624

Laguna Beach Wild Oats Natural Marketplace
283 Broadway St
Laguna Beach, CA 92651-1806

Mission Viejo Henry's Farmers Market
27765 Santa Margarita Parkway
Mission Viejo, CA 92691-6652

Hope this might be of some use to you.