Friday, July 13

My beatiful fighter. :)

5 days on chemo and still full of energy and life.
Reginas address.

Regina Tan
27715 Manor Hill Rd
Laguna Niguel
CA 92677

Regina is still waiting your cards letters, cute craft projects from you. She also likes cutes silly jokes ( kind of like knock knock style stuff , and cute cat and pet pictures.

She is doing great today. Her counts are fine. She did loose 7 OZ while in hospital, BUT right now she is eating like grazy... I mean A L O T .. Not sure where food goes

Reginas daily dose...


Anonymous said...


You are so beautiful Sweetheart. I am praying for you so very hard. You look great in your picture, you are a strong fighter!!! Very brave too. Praying hard, Carolyn Lilly

Beverly said...

Regina looks wonderful. I pray it works.