Monday, July 16


No fever. Her temp is back to 36,5 this morning. YES!!!
Right now Nick and Regina are in Hospital. Regina just had her labs done and they are waiting her chemo drugs. ( her chemo apointment was 9 am, and right now it is 10.22???? ). No wonder I have toothache. All that stress, and grinding teeth and lollipops,.

OK NOW. Just hope that my dentist does not have to pull my expensive crowns out because I have infected roots.... dental pain sucks.. ( Or maybe I am experiencing pain Regina is feeling-)


Anonymous said...

Tervitused Hannalt ja Kristinalt! Nii hea meel, et palavik ruttu ara laks. Regina on nii nii tubli!!!

The ParTea Planner said...

So glad to hear it did not become a full-blown fever! YaY!

I added a banner to my blog for others to read about Regina so they can pray for her. Check it out - it's on the right side.

Evelyn Lum said...

Yes, I got to know about Regina thru Risa. Please tell Regina I'm a Chinese from Singapore so I will be saying my prayer for her in Chinese. She will feel it!

Anonymous said...

I am happy, you did not get a fever!!! You are so beautiful and brave, you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Take Care, Carolyn Lilly