Sunday, July 15


Today is Sunday, July 15th. I just got home with Gabriel. Nick called me and told me that Regina is not feeling her best right now. Her temp is slowly getting higher. Las I checked it was about 37c.
PLEASE send those NO fever tonight kind of prayers/thoughts to her way.. We hate fevers, because fevers mean hospital since her immune system is probably not fighting off those infections, and fevers mean she has some kind of infection somewhere ....


Kathy said...

I'll pray she is able to fight off this infection, or that they are able to kill it with antibiotics.

If they put her in another room with 2 roommates while her counts are so low, that's it, I'm going to have to come up there and yell at someone.

I pray she tolerates this chemo, so many unknowns for her right now.

Her blood counts falling means the chemo is doing something, let's just pray it's killing those fast-growing cells.

Sleeping Beauty said...

I hope so too.. Tomorrow she will get outpatient chemo for 2 1/2 hours- Irinotecan. I was told that Dr Dhall "forgets" to write prescriptions to patients time to time, and because of that it may take few more extra hours in Day clinic..

The ParTea Planner said...

Every day I come here to check on how Regina is doing. I will pray/send good thoughts that the fever will pass quickly.

My son Ryan and me have been working on a little care package for her. We will mail it to your home. Hope she is feeling better real soon....~Risa

Anonymous said...

Me oleme koos teiega ja teame kui vapper väike võitleja ta on!!!
pöidlad pihus, et palavik läheks ära!

Maarika & co

Susan said...

Dear Diana,

I'm so sorry to read your princess had fever. I pray it's GONE by now! (Monday Morning...)

I'm also so sorry to read you are still in pain with your tooth, OUCH, no fun.

Praying you get some things resolved today.

I'm over here praying for Regina each day!

Keep holding on,


Terri said...

Regina & your family are in our thoughts & prayers!!

Terri & Family