Tuesday, July 31


Let me just tell you - REGINA IS DOING GREAT !!!! She is full of life, energy and strength. :) She truly is one amazing strong cookie :)

I am having Pre MRI syndrome right now. I used to love taking Regina to MRI's. Because I was always sure her brain was clean of tumors. This time around I feel different. I have not been able to sleep, I am very irritable, and At times I even feel like that I want to skip this MRI. I am so nervous, I feel like throwing up. I hate feeling this way .
BUT we need to know. We have to know. Thursdays MRI is very important MRI. Just keep those prayers coming. Everything will be just fine... everything will be just fine, everything will be just fine......... :)


Patty said...

I'll be praying for her, you and your family.

So happy to hear she's full of pep.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that she is full of life. That's so important! We keep our fingers crossed for Thursday.
Maris C.

Anonymous said...

Hi Diana,

We pray for your daughter, you and
your family.

B said...

I have been and continue to pray for Regina's complete healing from these horrid tumors. I'm so glad to hear that she is feeling good right now. And I'm sending up prayers that this MRI will be clean and cancer free! I understand your anxiety- waiting is one of the hardest things to cope with, at least for me. So I can relate to how you must be feeling. But you are not alone. Sooo many people are praying for your family and you wonderful daughter. And God has promised to never leave us nor forsake us.
I will be waiting to hear GOOD news from Thursday's MRI.
:) Brenda

Anonymous said...

Have Faith. MRI will be fine. GD

Angela said...

I saw a post in June on The Keoghs blog and I have been coming here reading everyday. I am thinking about you and your family- and I send good positive vibes for Thursday! Sometime magical things just happen! I pray it is to your little girl!

Best wishes to you all... I have no idea how you stay so strong- but then again, the choices are limited- stay strong or break- and breaking is not a choice at this point! You being so strong I am sure gives her the extra bit she needs to keep on fighting!

Oh, and way to go with the food stuff- it is not often that people connect all the dots like you have!

Ilaria said...

SuperRegina sounds great and all will be good!! Hugs!

Kathy said...

If misery truly does love company, you can rest assured that I am worrying along with you, even on vacation.

If it's any encouragement, I worry like this all the time about Steven and everything turns out fine.

We'll be watching and we haven't forgotten the day.

Beverly said...

I'll be thinking of and praying for Regina all day on Thursday. I hope you have a drs appt and get results quickly so you don't have to worry into Friday!

I've been thinking about your beautiful girl constantly and wondering what sort of crafts she likes to keep busy...let me know!

Praying constantly for this beautiful little girl,


Meril said...

It will be okay!

Lots of healing hugs and prayers :)

The ParTea Planner said...

Have been and will continue to pray for Regina. Last week I got very sick (105f fever) and kept thinking about her and what a trooper she has been. Made my illness seem trivial...Risa

Lennuk said...

Tugevat närvi neiks päeviks ja loodan, et MRI näitab uhkeid tulemusi!
Hoian pöidlaid!!!
Good luck!

Julee said...

Much luck and prayers for you tomorrow!

Meril said...

Good luck and hope it goes well today!

Anonymous said...

pöidlad on peos. Mõleme teie peale!

Anonymous said...

You are in my prayers tonight and every night. Carolyn Lilly

Kathy said...

Just checking, and we'll check back later.

Regina and all of you are very much in my prayers.

Sleeping Beauty said...

I have not heard from doctors yet. Anxiously waiting... I was told that REgina did really good during MRI. She was still and SNORING... lol MRI has calming effect on her.. Me on other side... I had 2 MC donalds McFlurries, donuts, cakes, yogurts... whatever available,.. AND i bit all my fingernails... Not Fun Waiting..

Anonymous said...

HI Diana,
We are sending good thoughtand prayers. I asked my husband to pray for her too. Your love shine through her. Believe that Jesus will heal.