Thursday, August 2

MRI Update:)

Hi you all!!! I am sorry I made you wait so long. Regina had her MRI today. As you know, she does MRI's without sedation. She fell asleep during her MRI and was snoring really loud. :)

Reginas DR called me about hour ago and told us GOOD NEWS. Tumors are shrinking.!!!!!!! That all we need to hear- Stable or Shrinking:):):):):):):): YES!!!!! On tuesday they will have meeting where they discuss and compare her previous and recent scans. After Tuesday we will have more information about Reginas situation:) But so far so good!!!

We will be going home tomorrow ( Friday). We will spend weekend home and then on MONDAY morning we will travel back to CHLA to start second round of chemo. Exactly same chemo. They actually had to take one dose of Irinotecan off from her shedule since she only tolerated 2 weeks of( 2 doses) of Irinotecan:)

Right now regina is doing AWESOME!!! She is unbelivable. SHe is happy and grazy almost 8 year old!!!! I can not keep up with her!!!! :)
Keep those prayers coming :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Diana,

Thank the Lord,This news makes cry with joy. We will keep praying for her, Love from Canada.

B said...

Hi, Diana,
AWESOME news about Regina's MRI. Praise the Lord! I am continuing to pray for a complete miracle healing for her. I have shared Regina's story with my women's group at my church and they, too, are all praying for Regina. God is good!
:) Brenda

Kathy said...

Yay Regina!

And that's an understatement.

Meril said...

Yay! Thats wonderful news!

Lots of hugs to all of you! :)

Ilaria said...

I've been checking all day for an update....YAY!!!!!!! That's incredible news! SuperRegina strikes again!!!!!!!! :D

Lennuk said...

I'm so very glad to hear good news!
I love this little miracle! Wishing for many more!!!!!!!

Julee said...

YIPEEEEE!!!! Great news! I am jumping up and down! Miracles do happen, and Regina deserves one.

I am so happy for Regina and your family.

Evelyn Lum said...

BIG TIME AWESOME!!! I am soooooooo
happy for Regina and your family:) Continue to believe and I will continue to pray. Remember ... BELIEVE!!!

Steph (Asher's mom) said...

Shrinking....good news....glad to read it....always thinking of you and Regina and checking in when I can!!!

Anonymous said...

This is the best news ever!!! I am praying everything continues to go well. Take Care, Carolyn Lilly

Susan said...

Hi Diana,

I'M THIRLLED beyond words!!!! This news has made my day, my weekend, just everything!

God is hearing our prayers.

Please give your princess a BIG CYBER HUG from all of us out here.

Have a great weekend!

Susan & Jordan

Anonymous said...

The best news ever! That Regina is something else, let me tell you! Glad you guys get to be home this weekend. Let me know if you need anything. Love, Melissa Fromme and family

Patty said...

Thank the lord, I am so very, very happy they are shrinking. I hope and pray they are soon gone completely. Give her a big hug and kiss from oldladylincoln.
Love to her, you and the rest of your family.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news, we are so happy for you all. Hope you have a nice a fun week-end at home. Maybe Nick will play Barbie's with her:)

KG, Elisabet, David and Sofia

Beverly said...

Wonderful, wonderful news!

Lets pray that the trend continues, and that Regina's miracle is happening!

Kathy said...

We're home, we just got back.

Regina should be starting another cycle of chemo tomorrow.

I hope you got your room back at RMH, and that your girl just keeps hanging in there.