Wednesday, August 8


We are done with inpatient chemo. Guess our luck-- YES, we got our favorite room again- 430 C. lol Nurses make fun of us allready because of our luck. haha

Regina did very well with chemo. Again- same as last time- she threw up once on monday and then once on tuesday. We did have lots of fun in hospital. Diego ( from dora the explorer) came by, to promote his live show. ;). Few more therapy dogs showed up to cheer up patients.. and that's it.

Now, I really do not have lot to say to you. Dr Dhall and Finlay sound enthusiatic about Reginas treatment plan and they are happy that tumors responded to chemo so well, but there are few dark areas that they are not sure. Anyway- dr's are not sure what is happening in her brain. Something is reaching to brain stem, - it could be( necrosis) dead tissue( brownish fluids) OR it could be tumor growing . I asked about possiblity to remove it, but since it is in s brain stem there nothing much to do. She is sheduled to have another MRi sometimes in September. To see what is going on. Also those other tumors- Dr Dhall wants to get all reginas previous MRIs for evaluation to see if there is something that explains what is going on. Anyway.. It is all very confusing and as much I want to believe doctors I am not sure. Regina is doing great, she really is, and so it must mean that everything is going well.
Talk to you later, to make you even more confused.


B said...

I understand your hesitancy to believe the drs., what with Reina's history and all. But if they are encouraged, and Regina is feeling good, then try to go with the positive! And, in the meantime, we ALL will keep praying and believing for Regina's complete miracle healing.
:) Brenda

Anonymous said...

Think positive and believe, when it comes down to it--It's all in God's hands anyway. Praying in Canada, Carolyn Lilly

Kathy said...

If there is tumor in the brainstem, it will most likely make itself known sooner rather than later.

She's doing SO well, I think it's a good thing to remain optimistic.

You all are in our prayers.

Patty said...

So happy to read that all seems to be going so well. I hope it continues that way. Keeping Regina and her family in my prayers. Always hold on to HOPE. Think positive.

Evelyn Lum said...

Today I wish Regina and your family a special miracle. Continue to have faith. I will continue to pray for you all. XOXO!