Wednesday, August 15


Regina and Dr Dhall

Yep. We are this point AGAIN. Today Regina received platelets. Soon she may need hemoglobin.
ANC is 0 and we are giving her GCSF shots to give her immune system a little boost. We also have to stay away crowds ( right now 2 is a crowd.) PLEASE JUST SEND those NO FEVER VIBES to her way. ( Thank YOU)

We also saw Reginas dr today. Dr Dhall told us that everything is going well. Regina looks good, sounds good. He did notice that Reginas left side is littlebit stronger than Right ( squeesez and kicks), but so I mine. lol ;) Regina has lost 1,4 lbs total since june 22nd. Her apetite is not the best right now, and finally she is getting really sensitive to smells and tastes. She can not take her regular vitamins because they make her throw up. Perfumes just make her nausiated, and she can smell bad breath miles away. ;) lol
I am home today. Nick is in LA with Regina. I just need to do some laundry and drink my Slim Fast coctails :)


Susan said...

Hi Diana,

Sending some "No Fever Vibes" to you from good ole Louisiana!

Love the picture of your princess with Dr. Dhall.

Sending lots of prayers too...

Keep holding on tightly,


Kathy said...

I love Dr. Dhall's Winnie The Pooh tie.

We'll pray for no fever, it does happen sometimes. It just doesn't seem right to put a neutropenic child in a room with other patients.

So when are you going to invite me over for one of those Slim Fast cocktails?

Sleeping Beauty said...

If I have to compare Dr Dhall and Dr Gajjar, then Dr Dhall is mellow, very quiet, very calm doctor... Dr Gajjar has more emotion involved in his conversations. I liked Dr Gajjar until I got Reginas January MRI report resaults... Just have to sort some things out.
Dr Dhall is funny. He does NOT look like kids doc at all. But then he will do something funny like write with Giraffe pen, or wear silly tie( and he has lots of silly ties) ;) lol KATHY. ANYTIME you want to come ower I am open for those good drinks..... ;) Just let me know when you are in area and you can also take your sister with you ;)
BTW. Regina had 37.9 fever ( very low) around 8 PM. I just called nick and he took Reginas temp and it was back to normal ( 36,8 ) . So This is deffinitely time when we have to be really careful :)

Beverly said...

Regina looks so beautiful. Really, if I didn't know the story...I think she looks so good!

Praying for no fevers and recoverying immune system for this sweet girl.

Julee said...

Sending more no fever vibes and fresh clean breath your way.

I think and pray for you everyday, please let me know if there is anything you need.

Evelyn Lum said...

LOTS and LOTs of no fever vibes from me. Lots of prayers go to Regina too. Please tell Regina I am also very sensitive to smell right now (bad headache that is refusing to go away). I used to start my day with a cup of coffee but now the smell of coffee makes me sick in the stomach. I have not had a cuppa for many days already. Strange body!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Hoping and praying for no fevers. That "bad breath" comment made me laugh, because during chemo--Melissa was so sensitive to bad breath. I love coffee, so I always had to chew gum or she would get upset with me. In fact once in front of a nurse, she said"mooom your breath stinks."...Well, since I was down there cleaning up her vomit, I said "well, so does yours." then we both started laughing and the nurse is shaking her head!! Take Care, Carolyn Lilly

Patty said...

I notice the tie he has on, looks kid friendly. Glad you like this doctor. That's part of the battle for any helath problem is liking the doctors you have. Good luck, hope she improves and is home again before you know it.