Saturday, August 18


Sorry I have not updated for a while. Guess what- We are not on onco floor since they did not have available beds there. Instead we are on 6th floor that is rehabilitation floor. WE got a room ALL BY ourselves, since REgina in neutropinic( sp??) Nurses are more careful up there, they always enter her room wearing masks etc.

Regina has not had any fevers since she got admitted. She received blood and platelets twice and now her energy levels are finally back to normal. She is still on antibiotics to cover whatever they think she may have, but nothing has grown in cultures. Her ANC is still not present , which means we have to stay to hospital until ANC shows up. I guess with GCSF shots it should be readable with no time.
Also Rehab floor has beautiful high sealing with GIANT glass cealing ( dome cealing) and it is very sunny floor :) LOVE IT THERE> ;)


Kathy said...

Yay for a private room and top floor. If you've got to be in the hospital, that sounds like the best place to be. Hope her ANC is back soon.

We're headed to Memphis tomorrow. We'll see Dr. G on Tuesday morning.

Sleeping Beauty said...

GOOD luck in Memphis. I hope you have lot of questions for him ;)

REginas ANC is still 0. Today she has runny nose and has been sneezing like grazy. Allergies???

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear that you got a nice room finally and that Regina hasn't had any fever. That is so so good! :)
Big Hugs,
Maris C.

Kathy said...

We are here.

I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open, I'm heading to bed.

Regina shouldn't be having allergies, at least not theoretically. Allergies are caused by an immune reaction, with ANC zero she shouldn't have any immune system to cause a reaction.

Theoretically, allergies should actually improve during chemo. Steven has allergies, but they weren't a problem during chemo.

Hopefully no mouth sores this time.

Susan said...

Thinking of you guys, praying HARD...

Susan & Jordan