Wednesday, August 29


I do not understand why time goes by so fast. In a week both of my kids start school. First grade for Gabriel and second for Regina. I do not look forward waking up every morning around 6 AM. NOT at all.

Anyway... I did go to CHLA today. Just for labs. Regina is one lucky girl. lol Today her labs were awesome concidering situation. Her platelet count was up to 72 000 or was it 71 000. Still, fron 41 000 to 71 000 NOT BAD AT ALL!!!!bHemoglobin 10.9, , ANC 1900- not bad....

I also got a call from Dr Dhall. He thinks that we do not have to go to hospital on friday and monday for labs. On saturday Regina will have an MRI and then he will give us a call about how it went..

Regina is doing awesome today. :) Her apetite is back and she has been asking to eat cucumbers all the time. Silly Regina :) She also wanted to bake chocolate chip cookies today. Which we did. And guess who ate 6 cookies right away--- ( somebody who is 29 years old). I promised that today starts diet, but the moment I saw those cookies baking in my oven- I forgot- DIET ? WHO? ME? NO!!! Cookie better than water and salad....

Gabriel is also doing great.:)

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Anonymous said...

Dear Regina and family I am a pastors wife from medford oregon. You are the most awesome people. you have so much spirit. I am praying for all of you. God bless Colleen