Thursday, August 16


Merry Christmas . Nick took Regina to ER since she had fever ( around 38 something). Right now they are in still ER because there are no available beds on onco. floor. Regina is on antibiotics and I AM hoping that nurses and doctors are trying to find out what causes fevers this time.

If you remember last time Regina was admitted right after platelet transfusion. AND this time exactly same thing. She has been very tired and sleepy since platelet transfusion and Nick told me that regina has been sleeping most of the time. Finally chemo is catching up with her.


Kathy said...

Nobody feels good with a fever.

Of Steven's three fevers with neutropenia, they only cultured something once.

I pray she doesn't have a bad time with mouth sores this time, those are horrendous.

B said...

She looks really bummed in those pics, and I don't blame her. It's hard to smile when you feel crummy. She is SUCH a brave little girl and I'm amazed at how she seems to take all this with such a great attitude. I'm continuing to pray for her VERY speedy healing.
:D Brenda

Evelyn Lum said...

I'll be praying for Regina. I know it is easier said then done but do try to cheer her up ... laughter is the best medicine.

Kathy said...

Just checking to see how she's doing. Hopefully that fever is gone.

Anonymous said...

Heather and I continue to say prayers for Regina to get well soon and come home for many, many playdates.

Love, Beth and Heather