Thursday, August 23

Guess what...

Nick had to pay wisit to CHLA because Reginas PICC line did not flush. I KNEW it will happen. I told he should stay to LA for wednesday night but he hurried home instead. And again... HE TOOK MY CAR. MY BEAUTIful not so environment friendly car to drive to LA. I WILL NOT DRIVE HIS manual benz.... no no no.

OK. Real reason for my post is this. Regina is going grazy plannin her birthday. She has everything allready planned. This year it has to be Hello Kitty theme.( I am sure she will change her mind in few days). She wants me to take her to party store , so we can spend fortune there. I told her NO NO NO. I will order her things online. Then he went to Nick and told him , MOMMY is mean, because she does not take me to party store.. hahaha...

And that is not it. She allready put together menu , AND I HAVE TO GET IT FOR HER. ( chillis food) SHE wants ALL her friends come over and play with her. ( No princesses this time). So what I was thinking is, I will do most likely open house from 12-7pm and let it up to kids to show up whenever they feel like it. If somebody wants to stay for sleepover I will gladly let them do so.

SHE wants me to make cupcakes because she wants to decorate them. She wants to play Pin the tail games, dress up, make jewelry ( her new fave thing to do), dance and listen hanna montana songs, watch movies, eat if SHE feels like it, and so on... SHE JUST KEPT telling me to write everything down so I WILL NOT forget.

She also gave me wish list- I POD, portable dvd player, portable CD player/with radio, new barbie movie characters, hello kitty stuff, princess stuff , jewelery beads --- I honestly think TV IS EVIL. She got all these ideas in hospital while watching tv and seeing those commercials and tv shows when kids use it. SHE DRIVES ME INSANE.
AND she is not finished yet. SHE wants me to sort her toys, bring them dows, OR I have to organize her room as nice as possible, so her friends can have lots of fun ??????/ WHAT???? WHOs da mom??? DO 8 YEAR OLDS REALLY BEHAVE THIS WAY???? OMG. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THEY TURN 9??? whewwwwwwwww Miss boss in da house

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Kathy said...

Are you all home now?

It's great to hear she's feeling so well. Tell her to keep it up.

I think Steven will be disappointed if she doesn't have another princess party and invite him so he has an excuse to put on that dress again.

Or not. It's a good thing he doesn't read everything I write about him.