Wednesday, August 22


WE ARE OUT .... OH MY GOSH. IT was hardest week for us. Reginas counts recovered really slowely this time. It took 7 days for ANC to show up. Yesterday it was 450 and today 1500. WOW. Regina did get some virus( runny nose), but since her lungs sound clean and she has no fever, dr is not worried about it.

Nick Is taking Regina home today, and we stay until Friday. Then we go back to CHLA for labs. On friday I will also sign out from Ronald McDonald House, because I feel like I can take this OC= LA traffic 3 times a week, and since her ANC is up, I do not have to worry about weird no explanation kind of fevers.


B said...

So glad Regina is getting to go home! It's always easier to get better when you can be in your own home and sleep in your own bed. Glad the virus is nothing serious, and we are just continuing to pray and believe God for a complete and total healing miracle for Regina!
:D Brenda

Susan & Jordan said...

Yeah!!!!! So blessed to read you are finally getting to go HOME!

I'm also thrilled about her ANC coming back up! YES...

Hope you guys can finally relax and enjoy your time home.

I'll keep praying.