Friday, June 29


Today is Firday, june 29th. Regina is doing awesome. She watches Curious gorge right now and is drinking her herbal "stuff". She actually like warm herbal tea .
and we hope to go to see Ratatoulle today or sometimes tomorrow. She really wants to see it , so we have to take her. Gabriel on other hand. He hates going to movies, he rather go to Playmates and play computer games... What a weird young man.

Now about SUNDAY!!!!

I know my friends are doing AWESOME job organizing and planning,, but how do you really plan celebration like this- It will be one huge unorganized mess with unorganized activities on one warm sunday night. Little bit about it.

People probably start arriving around 3.30 So park is probably been set up for that event. Tables for food, drinks, who has "portable roofs" eazy ups I am guessing can grab those and set them up . Take picnic blankets so you can sit on something .

5 pm prompt- I will tell you more about Regina and how you can help us.. I know question in everybody's mid is - HOW CAN I HELP?

Then after my speech we will do balloon release. Since we do not have microphones- I guess I have to start using my loud voice....

Also, I would love if everybody does not get upset if Regina does not want to talk to them or is way to tired . SHE just had brain surgery and this is her second one. and she has tumors all over her left frontal lobe . She acts and looks normal and healthy but there is much more behind it. And time to time she also has tiny memory problems and emotional bursts.

We want people to just come to this Celebration even and celebrate that they are still here alive.

And hope for a miracle , Of course. ;)



Kathy said...

I've been looking at that photo of Regina (who looks awesome, btw) and trying to figure out where it was taken because it looks familiar and it just dawned on me, I'm a little slow I guess.

We were there only the one time, the day we consulted up there with Dr. Lavey (the radiation oncologist) and Dr. Anderson.

I believe it's a good hospital. So many prayers from us that somehow things work out.

Sleeping Beauty said...

That pic is taken In CHLA first floor, close to entrance doors. On monday we have to get thumbs up from Dr Loudon and then on tuesday we can start chemo in CHLA. Did you know that if we want to stay Ronald McDonald house there , it is 25 dollars per night... WOW.... And I was told it it always full ...

Kathy said...

I knew about the charges for RMH. St. Jude subsidizes it in Memphis. They told us charges could be waived if necessary. Social worker was going to try and get us in there if we'd gone to L.A. for radiation.

Somehow I don't think they waive charges for people who own homes in southern CA, that alone would probably disqualify us.

Also, that RMH is not just for CHLA, I think it's also for UCLA and Kaiser.