Sunday, June 3

Just intersting fact.

I was searching for jobs for summer, and while browsing McDonalds website ( yes, I am considering McDonalds ;) I found this.....

In 1995, the $1 million Monopoly winner anonymously mailed the winning game piece to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. McDonald's overcame rules prohibiting transfer of game pieces by donating $1 million to St. Jude.

And tomorrow is June 4th, 2007. Another important date for us... I know Imentioned it last year , around same time.. But I do it again... June 4th was day full of anxiety for us. We were told that Reginas brain tumor was malignant, but good thing was that it is not the worst type of tumor.... ( yeah, like that was supposed to calm us down or something ). So there you go... I am flooded with june 4th, 2004 memories again. Not a good feeling.
have you seen those movies when something bad is told to a person, and then all that person hears is those "bad words". She hears nothing else, background sounds, are all blurr, other things that people are telling are blurrr.... just one blurr, and then that persong gets back to reality and asks-- WHAT, did you say..... huh,,, -- that is how I felt when I was told what was going on... I think I am still walking around in a blurr, sometimes more, sometimes less. I still can not believe that something like that could have happened to my girl

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