Wednesday, June 13

Very stressful day.

Past few days Regina has been feeling down. She did mention me couple of days ago that she had a headache, but I thought she told me that because she did not want to school, since there are 2 girls that make fun of her sometimes ( so she tells me). she has lied to me before about her headaches, so this time it was hard for me to believe.

Then , last night around 2.15 AM. I hear this sad voice- "Mommy, my head is feeling really full. I really want to throw up... And she did..... And she has vomited constantly up to now. Every 45 minutes or so. :( she can't keep anything down. NOTHING!!!! Now she is sleeping .

I just hope that it is passing thing and she feels good tomorrow. Just keep your fingers crossed that she ate something bad....


Kathy said...

OK, this is one of those times where you hope for diarrhea and/or fever.

Steven had headache and nausea 2 weeks ago and I was worried for a day until he got a fever.

You can take her to the pediatrician and ask for a neurological workup, but you can also check her at home. Check her gait. Ask her to do the same thing you've watched the neurologist do, touch her finger to her nose, then to your finger, walk heel to toe forward and backward, hop on one leg, try to balance with her eyes closed.

If you take her to doc or ER, make sure they check for papilledema, swelling in the brain can usually be seen by looking in the eyes by someone who understands what they're looking for.

But hopefully just a bug of some sort, Steven Sean and I all have a little something right now

Sleeping Beauty said...

Those are very good suggestions. Last night I was just thinking about it, and asked Regina to touch her nose and hop.. She did good. So far so good. She had good night sleep ,no I am just hoping that she has good day also. :)

lennuk said...

I'm glad she had good night sleep!
Please, keep us posted!
I hope everything is fine and it was just some bad food or bug.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Sleeping Beauty said...

Leila- hinge teeb kohe soojaks kui Keegi hoolib. :) Nii hea tunne on :)

Kathy said...

I hope she's feeling better. If not, and still no sore throat or fever or diarrhea or Gabriell feeling the same way, I'd probably get her to the pediatrician at least tomorrow before the weekend.

If you do take her to the doctor and if they want to check her out further, I'd tell them you want an MRI, not a CT. Only reason to do a CT is if it's an emergency, problem with CT is all that radiation, and it isn't a very good test.

If they see something on CT, then they have to do an MRI. If they don't see anything on CT and her symptoms persist, they have to do an MRI. MRI is way more sensitive when ruling out tumor, and CT without contrast is next to useless. CT has known health risks, MRI has none, it just takes longer.

Hopefully you don't have to do anything at all, she's better or she has a virus, that is the great likelihood here.

But you and I can't afford to take these symptoms for granted, we test for the worst and hope for the best.

lennuk said...

Diana, any updates? Hoping for the best! (Can't believe that I'm hoping for virus....)

Anonymous said...

Hello there,
I am praying for you and your family, and have asked people to pray on my daughter's site for Regina. I am heart broken over this news but happy you are going to fight, I would do the same thing for my daughter. You have prayers up here in Canada, Take care and I will be checking 50 times a day looking for updates. Regina is on my mind day and night, I find myself coming constantly to your site. Praying for peace and comfort for your family and guidance in the decisions you have to make. Carolyn Lilly