Thursday, June 14


It started suddenly, it ended suddenly. She woke up today completely different person- DEMANDING FOR FOOD. Her energy levels are back to normal. She has NOT vomited today, or acted tired.
Gabriel is doing fine. Just calling Regina BIG BABY. And of course that will make Regina cry. And she will chase gabriel and beat his "ass", and then Gabriel runs after regina and Pulls her hair- ( or what's left of it), Regina runs around screaming- GABRIEL IS kILLING mE, , Me looking surprised and confused same time because I can't figure out- eater "spank" them, or laugh at them... But I just decided to tune out and listen to my iPod..

So, sorry guys for making you worried. AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. It was hellova 2 days....

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lennuk said...

I'm really happy to hear that Regina has her energy and appetite back!
I'm really, really, really glad, she had some stomach virus! :)
Of course I'm not glad that she was sick, but you know what I mean....