Friday, June 15

My kids!!!

Regina and her Teacher Mrs Miller:)

PICTURES!!!! Aren't they gorgeous ???
It is unbelievable to me that school year is almost over. What happened??? gabriel will be done with Kindergarten and Regina will be done with First grade.
I enrolled Gabriel is K+ ( YMCA program) , where she spent 3 hours every day, until Reginas school was done. They had very cute party today. Our favorite k+ teacher Emily celebrated her birthday ( BTW, Today was my brothers 22nd bday ) and There was little K+ graduation party for kindergartners. It was really sweet :)

I am glad that first grade is over for Regina, but I am scared for second grade. Homework time is very frustrating with Regina, and I heard that second grade has A LOT of homework, .. not sure how we are going do deal with those issues.....
( We are goofy "kids")
But here are few pics...


Kathy said...

As you probably remember, Steven had a terrible time in school when we first returned from Memphis.

It was so hard to know what to do or what to think, I honestly had no idea if it was due to circumstances completely beyond his control (like radiation to the btain), or if it was because he'd missed a year, or because he just needed to work harder. Should I push him or leave him alone? I had no clue how to handle it.

Now he's doing well, and I don't really understand that either, why he started doing better.

But in retrospect I think some of those issues in fourth grade were due simply to maturity (or lack of it).

Just because Regina is having a hard time with homework, etc. this year doesn't mean she'll be having the same issues next year. Of course, it also doesn't mean she won't have those same problems.

I guess I'm just trying to say that you just need to wait and see how things go. Try not to worry too much about it, now it's just time to enjoy the summer vacation.

Kathy said...

Those photos are adorable.

I'm so worried right now, Regina was all I could think of this evening.

lennuk said...

Same here! I wish you all the strength and miracle!